Runes are magic, but what good is magic if you don't have a wand?

Runed is a collection of utilities for Svelte 5 that make composing powerful applications and libraries a breeze, leveraging the power of Svelte Runes.

Why Runed?

Svelte 5 Runes unlock immense power by providing a set of primitives that allow us to build impressive applications and libraries with ease. However, building complex applications often requires more than just the primitives provided by Svelte Runes.

Runed takes those primitives to the next level by providing:

  • Powerful Utilities: A set of carefully crafted utility functions and classes that simplify common tasks and reduce boilerplate.
  • Collective Efforts: We often find ourselves writing the same utility functions over and over again. Runed aims to provide a single source of truth for these utilities, allowing the community to contribute, test, and benefit from them.
  • Consistency: A consistent set of APIs and behaviors across all utilities, so you can focus on building your projects instead of constantly learning new APIs.
  • Reactivity First: Powered by Svelte 5's new reactivity system, Runed utilities are designed to handle reactive state and side effects with ease.
  • Type Safety: Full TypeScript support to catch errors early and provide a better developer experience.

Ideas and Principles

Embrace the Magic of Runes

Svelte Runes are a powerful new paradigm. Runed fully embraces this concept and explores its potential. Our goal is to make working with Runes feel as natural and intuitive as possible.

Enhance, Don't Replace

Runed is not here to replace Svelte's core functionality, but to enhance and extend it. Our utilities should feel like a natural extension of Svelte, not a separate framework.

Progressive Complexity

Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible. Runed provides easy-to-use defaults while allowing for advanced customization when needed.

Open Source and Community Collaboration

Runed is an open-source, MIT licensed project that welcomes all forms of contributions from the community. Whether it's bug reports, feature requests, or code contributions, your input will help make Runed the best it can be.


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