A function that attaches an automatically disposed event listener.


You've clicked the document 0 times


This is better utilized in elements that you don't have direct control over. Otherwise, use normal event listeners.

For example, if you want to listen to a click event on the body, and can't use <svelte:body />, or you have an element reference that was passed down.

	// ClickLogger.ts
import { useEventListener } from "runed";
export class ClickLogger() {
  #clicks = $state(0)
  constructor() {
    useEventListener(() => document.body, "click", () => this.#clicks++);
  get clicks() {
    return this.#clicks
	<script lang="ts">
  import { ClickLogger } from "./ClickLogger.ts";
  const logger = new ClickLogger();
<p>You've clicked the document {logger.clicks} {logger.clicks === 1 ? "time" : "times"}</p>	

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